Make Your Move Smooth with MAVSPAIN.

Tips for packing

  • Don't make boxes too heavy -books are a real offender.
  • Pack fragile items with plenty of wrapping (blankets, towels, bubble wrap). Mark these boxes ~FRAGILE.
  • Pack CDs and records vertically NOT flat.
  • Remove lids from jars and wrap separately.
  • Take large items apart if possible. Put any hardware e.g. screws in a plastic bag and tape to the item.
  • If you have the original boxes for electrical appliances pack them back into these. Keep clothes in drawers, not boxes or bags.
  • Cover mirrors and pictures in cardboard and bubble wrap.
  • Roll carpets and rugs and secure with tape.
  • Wrap sharp edges on items.
  • Pack all personal documents or valuable jewellery/items together and transport them yourself.
  • If you have the time, a master list of what is in each box can be helpful.
  • You don't want to move everything twice so mark all boxes with the names of the rooms for which they are intended. Give movers a plan of your new home with all the rooms clearly marked. You might even consider a colour-coded system. Give each room a colour and write on the box in the same colour pen.